TERA - Rising


Role-playing and adventure in the worlds of Arborea


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TERA - Rising is the free version of the popular massive role-playing game TERA (acronym for The Exiled Realm of Arborea), where the players can immerse themselves in a medieval fantasy world full of heroes (incarnated by other players) and creatures trying to kill those heroes.

When starting the adventure, the players can choose between seven different races, that goes from the normal and omnipresent human to the castanics, a race of semi demons. In the same way, players will have to choose one of the eight available character classes. The 'berserker' and the 'warrior' are a few that stand out.

Different from a lot of other MMORPG, where combat is just a click on an enemy, in TERA - Rising it will be necessary to be quite skillful. The players will have to choose their skills and, more importantly, they can avoid the ones of their opponents. That way, the more skillful ones will have a considerable advantage.

TERA - Rising has a history with certain political divisions that, if followed, will lead the player to confrontation with some huge enemies. However, the biggest challenges will not come from these enemies, but from the other players, against whom you can participate in exciting PvP combat.

More social functions include the presence of 'guilds', gambling, assembly or achievement houses. In fact, the game has lots of possibilities for those players who are interested in 'socializing' with others.

TERA - Rising is a good MMORPG that thanks to a good use of the Unreal Engine 3 and the good artistic design it shows off, will offer an amazing visual result. Maybe it's not the best game in the genre, but it's a strong title.